A bar with an amazing view at Radio

Every job tends to have a notable perk, in Becky’s case she regularly meets with hotel owners and sales managers looking to promote their services. If you have a hotel or a bar, a restaurant perhaps, anything for that matter that is really good, the best way to get someone to recommend it for you is to let them experience it first hand. On a wet and cold wintery day, Becky took this offer up; fast forward to March and we were enroute to the Radio Rooftop Bar that sits atop the ME hotel by Melia on the Strand.

We had a table booked right by the edge on the South East side which offers some of the best views. The sun was beginning to set and the cocktails tasted good. All in all life was good. The bar was busy but it had a nice atmosphere, people were smiling, laughing and enjoying the first warm evening of 2017.


First round of cocktails down we decided to order a charcuterie and cheese board. To enjoy this at its best we switched to a nice oaky bottle of red. The setting sun framed the moment perfectly as London’s landmarks began lighting up in every colour of the rainbow.


Radio is not the cheapest place in London by any stretch but you are paying for the views and these are more than worth the premium. The cocktails were well made, the food was tasty and along with the atmosphere, this was an evening to remember.


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